Does Wax Remove Scratches?

What Does Waxing Do?

Waxing a vehicle is a key component of the detailing process. Not only does waxing provide a nice shine to the vehicle, but it also protects the clear coat from UV rays, bird dropping, tree sap, and so much more. These are all common contaminants in Chattanooga, TN. But does it remove scratches?


This is a question we get asked often.


Unfortunately, waxing does not remove existing scratches from the paint of your vehicle. It can fill in some very shallow scratches and hide them for a bit. Of course, they will still be visible but not as pronounced. This is because the wax ‘fills in’ the micro scratches giving it a more even appearance.


Once the wax wears off in a month or two, the scratches will come back.

Does Waxing Prevent Future Scratches?

While waxing will not eliminate scratches, it can help prevent some future scratches. When your vehicles is washed, dirt particles naturally slide over the paint and cause some minor micro scratches. These can be reduced with a good layer of wax.

The wax basically acts as a layer of protection between your paint and these dirt particles.

So How Can I Remove these Scratches?

The best way to remove micro scratches on your paint is to perform a paint correction. Paint correction is the process of using an abrasive to completely smooth out the paint.

This process is definitely not easy and requires hours of time.

Many materials are needed including compounds, polishes, towels, pads, buffers, etc. The process is definitely one that needs practice.

If you don’t have the time or energy to learn how to do paint correction, a professional would be your best option. Check their reviews and look at work they’ve done. A buffer in the wrong hands could seriously damage your car’s paint. A buffer in the right hands could make it look like you just got a new paint job.

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