Engine Cleaning in Chattanooga

Car detailing in Chattanooga, TN includes more than just the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Our Engine Cleaning service will completely revitalize your engine bay.

This service is perfect for you if you want your engine bay to look presentable or if you’re going to be doing some work under the hood.

We offer this service as an add-on which means that we require it to be paired with another service such as our Full Exterior Detail or Interior Deep Clean.

Engine Cleaning
All Sizes

Here's Our Engine Cleaning Process

  1. Inspect and Cover Sensitive PartsThis is the most important step. We value your car just as much as you do.

  2. Rinse Engine Bay – Removes any loose/easy to remove dirt.
  3. Spray with Cleaner – We use a cleaning agent to loosen dirt and aid in the cleaning process
  4. Use Brushes to Agitate and Dislodge Dirt – Our soft bristle brushes dislodge any dirt or grime in the engine bay
  5. Rinse Engine BayWe rinse away all of the dirt we’ve loosened.
  6. Dry  – We don’t want any water sitting in the engine bay, especially in sensitive areas. This step removes that water.
  7. Add Dressing to Make Plastics Look AmazingThe plastic pieces in your engine will be brightened and shine like never before, giving your engine bay that fresh like-new look.
Many people don’t think about the engine bay when they get their car detailed, but this is truly one of the most underrated ‘details’. Whether you just bought the car or you’ve had it for awhile, this service can greatly improve the look of your engine bay.


I have an oil leak. Will this service clean that?

This service will not clean engine bays that are covered in oil. 

Will this service damage my car?

We take extra precautions to ensure that nothing is damaged in the detailing process. Any sensitive parts will be completely covered during the process.

Do you use water on my engine?

Yes, but we limit the water to what we need. This water is simply used to rinse away dirt and we take care to keep a good distance to reduce water pressure.

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