Full Exterior Detail in Chattanooga

There’s no better feeling than looking at a perfectly clean car. Our Full Exterior Detail is perfect for cleaning and protecting one of the most valuable investments you have. What’s included:

  • Tires and wheels cleaned
  • Entire vehicle washed using methods and products that won’t damage your car’s surface
  • All exterior glass cleaned to a streak-free shine
  • Tires dressed for protection and to give your car that “freshly-detailed look”
  • Clay bar process to remove ingrained dirt particles from the paint
  • Wax applied by hand
  • UV protection of all exterior plastic trim
This is our most intensive exterior detailing option. It pairs perfectly with our Interior Deep Clean.
If your vehicle isn’t that dirty or just needs more of a maintenance cleaning, check out our Quick Exterior Detail.
Small Vehicle
e.g. Hyundai Veloster/Volkswagen Golf
Medium Vehicle
e.g. Honda Accord/Toyota Camry
Large Vehicle
e.g. Large SUV/Truck