Paint Correction Services in Chattanooga

If you look at your vehicle under a bright light or even sunlight, you might see thousands of tiny, fine, swirls in your paint. We call these micro-scratches and they greatly reduce the overall shine of your car’s paint.

Micro-scratches are most commonly caused by improper washing and drying techniques. Automatic car washes are also a common reason that cars receive micro-scratches.

Our paint correction process removes up to 95% of these imperfections, leading to a drastically more reflective and shiny appearance.

At Branza, we do research on each vehicle we service to decide exactly what products to use, because not all paint is equal in terms of hardness and damage.

Our Paint Correction Process

1. Cleaning tires, wheels, and wheel wells – These are the dirtiest parts of any car and must be cleaned first to prevent contamination of other parts of the paint later on.

2.  Washing the Vehicle – In this step we… wash the vehicle. As simple as it sounds, it’s very important to make sure that all surface dirt is gone before we start the paint correction process to prevent further damage from occurring. Bugs and tar are also removed from the surface at this step.

2. Chemical Removal of Iron – As you drive, particles of iron get lodged into your paint. These particles are corrosive and, if not removed, will severely damage paint over time. This step removes those particles.

3. Clay Bar – We use a bar of clay to remove deeply-embedded contaminants from the paint. After this step, your paint will feel as smooth as glass.

4. Taping – Various areas of your car, such as plastic or rubber, are taped off. These pieces could be damaged during the process, so we cover them up to protect them.

5. Compound Step – This step is where we use a cutting pad and a liquid compound to remove deeper imperfections and level the clear coat.

6. Polish Step – Polish is used to increase the overall gloss and clarity in the paint. This step is crucial to getting that “showroom finish.”

7. Protection – After the paint correction is complete, we seal it by using a variety of products. A ceramic spray sealant is included at no additional charge.

8. Finishing details – We dress your tires, clean any glass, and make sure commonly overlooked areas, like the grill, are immaculate.

As you can see, this is a very tedious process and could take anywhere from 6-20 hours, depending on services requested. 

Paint correction service pairs greatly with our Interior Deep Clean. These two services paired will completely transform your vehicle!













Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this service take?

This is the most tedious and intensive service we offer. Paint correction can take anywhere from 6-20 hours depending on results desired. Most paint corrections are complete within 10 hours.

What is the difference between a one-step and a two-step paint correction?

A one-step correction is perfect for you if you have very light and shallow micro-scratches. If your paint has deeper scratches or is heavily micro-scratched, a two-step correction is what you want.

Can you do a paint correction at my house?

Yes, we absolutely can do a paint correction at your house if you have a garage for us to work in. Paint correction cannot be performed outside in the elements.